Catalytic Converters

We Buy Catalytic Converters in Romford, Dagenham, Ilford & Their Surrounds

Crow Metals are fully-licenced scrap metal merchants and one of the leading buyers of catalytic converters for Romford and all surrounding areas – including Ilford, Brentwood and Essex. We are one of the UK’s most long running and reputable scrap yards. Over our 75-year history, we’ve built an in-depth database of different catalytic converters our clients have brought to us.

This has allowed us to become experts at grading and weighing different vehicle components, like catalytic converters and car batteries. The aforementioned database allows us to offer extremely competitive rates, as we have a 100% up-to-date record of scrap metal market values.

In addition to getting the best market price for catalytic converters that you’ll find in or around Romford, our scrap metal merchants provide an exceptional standard of customer service. You’ll receive immediate payment, and when first visiting us, no-obligation free quotes and evaluations from one of our experienced graders. It’s a quick, efficient and personal service – so click “call now” on this page to contact us. Please keep in mind we cannot legally offer cash for catalytic converters, only cheques and electronic transfers.

What Are Catalytic Converters?

Since 1993, catalytic converters have been legal requirement for all vehicles in the UK, from Ilford to Brentwood, Dagenham to Barking, and Rainham to anywhere across the UK. As their name suggests, they work by converting gases that would otherwise harm the environment into less problematic gases, via a chemical reaction.

To create this chemical reaction, a catalytic converter utilises precious metals such as Rhodium, Palladium and Platinum. These retain value even after the catalytic converter fails. That’s where we come in. Crow Metals, as a licenced scrap metal recycling facility, will purchase both two-way and three-way catalytic converters.

Our scrap merchants are trained in recycling all forms of catalytic converter, using the latest grading apps and technology. So whatever type you have, and whenever it was manufactured, we’re interested. Because we buy such large volumes, we have access to worldwide markets and can get you the best possible price for your cat.

An In-Depth Grading System

The Crow Metals team is happy to provide advice and assistance to clients in and around Romford and all nearby towns. As we trade countless catalytic converters every year, we have grading them down to a fine science. We use sophisticated techniques to accurately appraise the worth of your catalytic converter, with precisely calibrated weights and measuring equipment.

We can also pick up any items you need scrapped right from your doorstep. So if you’re in any of the following areas, call us for a free quote and to arrange collection:

  • Romford
  • Ilford
  • Brentwood
  • Dagenham
  • Barking
  • Rainham
  • Thurrock
  • Havering
  • Basildon
  • Walthamstow
  • Chingford

To buy catalytic converters in Romford, Ilford or any nearby areas – pick up the phone and call the scrap merchants at Crow Metals on 01708 922881.

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