Scrap Yards in Barking | Top Prices Paid for Scrap Metal

Not all scrap yards are exactly the same. Some run a very basic service but still provide the industry with valuable support when it comes to recycling scrap metal. Other scrap metal merchants work on a larger scale and have end user networks which take their materials after processing for secondary manufacture. If you come from Barking, have scrap for sale and need an ethical service provider you can trust. Crow Metals wants to hear from you.

Our scrap yard, located in Romford, is just 20 minutes away from Barking. We’ve covered the East London and Essex areas as scrap metal merchants for over 70 years, and we offer the best market prices to door trade customers with scrap for sale. Just as importantly, we work closely with our other dealers and merchants to help find homes for their materials.

Scrap metal has a different value based on the type of material you bring to us. Ferrous scrap metal, which attracts a magnet, has iron and steel content but brings in a lower price than non-ferrous scrap (non-magnetic). Typical non-ferrous material accepted by us in our role as scrap metal merchants for the Barking area include the following:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Tin
  • Nickel

If you have ferrous scrap for sale in large quantities and consignments, you can still cash in on its value. While this type of scrap pays less for members of the general public using our door trade services, contractors and companies from in or around the Barking area with the largest volumes of ferrous scrap metal still receive a sizeable payment from our dealers.

Payment for Scrap Metal

Since December 2012, scrap metal merchants have faced Level 5 fines if they pay cash for scrap. Changes made to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 removed cash reward systems at scrap yards in an effort reduce the potential for material theft. If you come to Crow Metals from nearby Barking with scrap for sale, please be advised that we cannot pay in cash, and we will need to see valid photographic ID before handling your scrap metal consignment.

Sometimes, we may require additional proof of address and we will always request a contact telephone number and an email address.

Our scrap metal merchants make payments to Barking customers in three ways:

  • By BACS, where we pay for your scrap directly to a bank account (if over £50)
  • By cheque with the option of using out onsite cashing service for a small fee (2 forms of ID will be required)
  • By pre-paid debit card from Bread, a popular option with door trade customers (ID will be required to obtain this)

It is only right that Crow Metals, just like other scrap metal merchants in the Barking area, works in the most ethical way possible. We use sustainable recycling practices too, and process scrap metal selectively ahead of sending it away to end users throughout the world for secondary manufacture into new items. This makes our scrap yard a magnet for other dealers and merchants, particularly smaller companies with large scrap consignments.

If you have scrap for sale and want to receive the fairest, fastest payment in Barking, call in to see us from Monday through to Friday until 6.00pm. We open at 8.00am every day but close early on a Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm. Crow Metals closes on Sundays.

01708 922881